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My name is Kasumi Kanaya. I am born and raised in Japan, moved to Canada after I have decided to make a new chapter of my life.

I always love capturing moments even when I had no idea about how to use cameras. One day one of my ex-coworker purchased a good-looking Olympus camera that did nice captures all the time when she takes pictures. That camera inspires me I should get one and take pictures like her! And after that, I copied her and got an Olympus camera. Since then I became a crazy photographer who loves the times with my cameras that brought me the happiness of my life and takes pictures whenever I like.

I started as a photographer with the urge to tell stories, give people new perspectives that I recognize and ways of seeing the world. Today I am a photographer, a videographer, and a jewelry designer (if you are interested in my jewelry here) based in Metro Vancouver Canada.

Available Language: English, Japanese

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